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GALENUS is a company dedicated to bring Urgent Medical Services outside of a hospital endeavor.  We also provide counseling in health affairs to private and public organizations and offer medical coverage at hospital institutions as "House Staff" and provide "Hospitalist Services".  GALENUS is comprised by a group of full licensed and accredited physicians who provide health services in a "House Call" basis at hotels and hostals as well as providing Urgent Medical Care on multitudinary activities.  Now you and your family can also receive this services comfortably at your home.

GALENUS is the alternative for those who understand that quality and comfort are the rewards for their effort and an intelligent way to avoid a long wait on an uncomfortable Emergency Room.  Those choosing a superior standard of care for them and their families can now benefit from excelent care while remaining in the comfort and safety their hotel or home provide.  Ask at your hotel to see if already is a member or better yet become a member yourself and receive this services at home.

Participating Hospitals benefit from our House Staff & Hospitalist programs which guarantees a high standard of care and minimizes medico-legal risk while maintaining a high patient volume.  See our Hospital Services page for details.

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                                                       GALENUS is a Registered Corporation at Puerto Rico State Department. 


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