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The Emergency Room is the "Public Face" of every hospital.  Service at this entry level is of paramount importance as the public tend to rate their experience based on how were treated at this initial setting.  At GALENUS we are committed to excelence, offering that same attention to detail we observe at resorts and world class hotels. We offer that kind of service rated everywhere as VIP Treatment.

GALENUS Emergency Room Services offers management and full physician coverage for your hospital Emergency Room.  We offer that peace of mind so needed in the industry as all our physicians are full accredited (CPR, ACLS, ATLS, PALS included), experienced & insured. 

GALENUS is also insured as a Corporation against possible claims at ER level.  Feel free to contact us for more details.



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GALENUS In House Staff service is intended to cover for medical emergencies arising at hospital with in-patients.  Currently the practice of assigning this role to ER staff is coming in disuse due to increasing complexity of Emergency Rooms organization, overworked personnel and increased medico-legal risks.  Follow up of in patients specially during overnight hours has proven of paramount importance.

The fact that most Emergency Rooms are understaffed during the night and most are already dealing with a high volume of patients poses another strain to the personnel, affects quality of service and in turn reflects in patient perception of poor service. 

We offer coverage for this situations.  Our staff is fully credentialized, licensed and insured.  All our staff is experienced around the hospital endeavor.  Most of our physicians work as ER Staff through the country.

Our Hospitalist Services offers support to specialty & subspecialty groups or services within the hospital (hospitalization, follow up, discharge, etc.).  We offer round the clock in-house coverage to guarantee follow up of consults in a timely fashion, short lenghts of stay and maintain a superior standard of care with the same attention to detail we exercise at Resorts and World Class Hotels.  Our physicians are experienced, fully credentialized and Board Certified. (IM, Family Practice).

GALENUS is also insured as a Corporation against possible claims.

Contact our Corporate Branch for details.












House Staff Services have been in the raise nationally over the past five years.  A decrease in mortality rates and an overall sense of enhanced personal service and excellent care have been proven consistently in those institutions with this services.

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GALENUS is a Registered Corporation at Puerto Rico State Department. 


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