The scope of our services are in the realm of Field Medicine.  This means Medical Services for Urgent situations that can be managed outside the hospital endeavor.  Our physicians carry portable equipment feasible to manage multiple conditions on this grounds.  Below we list some of the most recurrent clinical conditions encountered at house call basis service (See our Residential Services Plans).

 Keep in mind that what can be an urgency for someone represent an emergency to another depending on the overal health status of the individual.  Based on this the physician could refer the client to a nearby emergency room once evaluate the situation and makes his/her assesment.

Our consulting branch is intended for both private and government organizations.  It is meant to counsel in health affairs affecting organizations or the Public Health.  Our physicians also offers educational lectures in topics dealing with Public Health at schools and universities and serve as House Staff & Hospitalist in Hospital Institutions.  

See a description of our Hotel & Resort Services under Corporate Services page.

Our Hospital Industry Services are sumarized at the Hospital Services page.  




1.  Minor skin trauma (excoriation/laceration/bites/stings)

2.  Wound suture (simple/no special)

3.  First degree burns.

4.  Second superficial degree burns (simple/non electrical nor chemical)

5.  Mild Bronchial Asthma Exacerbations.

6.  Minor trauma due to falls.

7.  Mild ligamentous injury (sprain)

8.  Muscle Spasms (strain)

9.  Foreign Bodies (ear/eyes)

10. Mild infectious diseases (ie. Acute bronchitis-Healthy/Tonsillitis)

11. Food poisoning

12. Acute Enteritis (mild/Healthy/Non Neonatal)

13. Medication refill (forgoten/lost/non Narcotic)

14. Earache

15. Toothache

16. Pre-travel medical check up.




Conditions mentioned are for GENERAL REFERENCE ONLY.  For a full detail contact Concierge at your hotel or our Field Operations Director.

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             GALENUS is a Registered Corporation at Puerto Rico State Department. 


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